About us

ppbr stands as a full service leading independent Portuguese law firm with excellent values of trust, integrity and quality. Our mission is to serve our clients from national and international backgrounds which makes us a champion and promoter of diversity within our industry. We are an advocacy of equal respect and opportunities, committed to social responsibility by providing pro-bono legal advice and promoting social solidarity. We meet the highest standards of ethical behaviour, we adapt and personalize our services to find innovative and practical solutions aligned with our client’s needs.

Our Values

  • Excellence, Rigour and Quality

We are confident we deliver added value in all services provided.

  • Integrity and Independence

We follow a strict code of ethics and we act with independence and responsiblitiy.

  • Proximity and Availability

We are flexible, open and deliver high personalized services to our clients.

  • Trust and Partnership

We create and build long lasting relationships on a basis of mutual trust.


We are regularly quoted as a leading firm in various specialized law magazines and publications.

Pro bono and Social Responsibility

We are committed to our pro bono work by providing top quality legal services and advice to those who need it most. We are dedicated to social, environmental causes and we promote equality and diversity.


We are members of various international networks, including Ius Laboris, the largest independent labour and employment law alliance in the world. Through this global alliance we are able to deepen our knowledge and share our experiences with the best leading law firms in the world on labour and employment law.